How to Measure for Swags for Your Windows

By Mark Montano, Carly Sommerstein

The key to measuring fabric length for a swag or a swag and cascade is using a flexible tape measure. Because the swag curves down away from the rod in an arc, you need a measuring device, such as a cloth tape measure, that arcs and curves, too. To measure for a swag, follow these easy steps:

  1. Starting from the left-hand side of your window (at the floor, or at whatever spot to which your cascade will hang), measure up to the rod.

    This is your left-hand cascade measurement.

  2. Starting from the top of the pole on the left-hand side, take your flexible measuring tape and re-create the arc of the swag over to the top right-hand side of the pole.

    This is your swag measurement. You need to measure the lowest part of the draped swag in order to get the appropriate amount of fabric.

  3. Measure your right-hand cascade by measuring from the rod to the end (at the floor, or at whatever spot to which your cascade will hang).

    This is your right-hand cascade measurement.

  4. Add these three measurements together.

    Make sure to include a bit of extra fabric to account for any swirling around the rod on either side, plus 1 to 1-1/2 inches on either side for the side hems.