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Making Gift Wrap Out of Fabric

Wrapping an eco-friendly present in gift paper created from trees and colored with harsh chemicals sends a mixed message when you’re trying to live in harmony with Mother Nature. Bring your green principles to the party and present gifts in wrap made from fabric instead of paper.

Buying inexpensive fabric on sale keeps the cost below that of wrapping paper, but you can go greener by using leftover fabric from other projects. You can even salvage fabric from older clothing; jeans, for example, may be worn at the knees and hem, but if the denim in between is in good shape, reuse it.

And, you don’t have to sew! Just cut out a piece of fabric with pinking shears. The scissors produce a jagged cut edge that resists fraying. Wrap the fabric around the gift as if you were using paper, and tie the fabric in place with yarn left over from a needlework project. (Cellophane tape doesn’t stick to fabric very well.)

Leftover fabric and extra yarn create green gift wrap!

Leftover fabric and extra yarn create green gift wrap!