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Weight Training Etiquette

Part of Weight Training For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australia/New Zealand Edition)

Gyms are public places, and everyone wants to have an enjoyable workout. If you want to make friends with your fellow gym-goers, here are some top tips for good gym etiquette:

  • Share the equipment. Don’t take a nap on a machine you’re not using.

  • Keep the grunting to a minimum. A weight room isn’t a public library, but neither is it a championship wrestling arena.

  • Return your weights. The weights have a designated spot on the rack — make sure you put them where they belong.

  • Don’t hog the drinking fountain. If the line behind you is longer than a World Series ticket line, don’t fill your entire water bottle.

  • Don’t bring your gym bag into the weight room. You know those large, hollowed out cubes called lockers?

  • Keep your sweat to yourself. Carry a towel and wipe off any bench or machine that you use.

  • Treat the locker room like your own bathroom. Nobody wants to become personally acquainted with clumps of your hair.