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Benefits of Solving Puzzles

Part of Word Searches For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Don’t let anyone tell you that puzzles — word searches, crosswords, Sudokus — are nothing more than mindless entertainment. Solving them has benefits, and those benefits aren’t limited to the following list. Puzzles offer

  • Portable and inexpensive entertainment — no batteries required

  • A way to keep you mentally active and fit

  • Improved word power and vocabulary

  • Painless spelling practice

  • A great way to learn English or practice other languages

  • An enjoyable, low-stress puzzle option for people with dyslexia

  • An appealing learning method for a range of learning styles

  • The appeal of a solvable problem in a complicated life

  • Practice for your pattern recognition skills

  • An easy, fun activity for all ages to do together