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By Amy Lupold Bair

Part of Raising Digital Families For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Kids have their own crypto-shorthand, or cyberslang, that often appears in the form of an acronym. Parents need to recognize these code words to help protect their children.

  • A/S/L: A request to share age, sex, and location.

  • ASLP: A request to share age, sex, location and a picture.

  • CD9: Code 9 to indicate that parents are around.

  • CFS: Care for secret?

  • F2F or F/F: A request to meet face to face.

  • FYEO: For your eyes only.

  • GNOC: Get naked on camera.

  • HSWM: Have sex with me.

  • IPN: I’m posting naked.

  • IRL: In real life.

  • K: Kiss.

  • KB: Kiss back.

  • KOL: Kiss on the lips

  • KPC: Keeping parents clueless.

  • LMIRL: Let’s meet in real life

  • NIFOC: Naked in front of computer.

  • NP: Nosey parents; a warning that parents may be nearby.

  • P911: A warning that parents are coming.

  • PAL: A warning that parents are listening.

  • PANB: A warning that parents are nearby.

  • PAW: Parents are watching.

  • POS: A warning that parents are over the shoulder of the person typing.

  • RUMOF: Are you male or female?

  • TAW: A warning that teachers are watching.

  • WTGP: Want to go private? (A request to move to a private chat room.)

  • WUF: Where are you from?

  • WYRN: What’s your real name?

  • 53x: Sex.