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How to Avoid Ripping Out Stitches

Ripping out stitches can be distressful when knitting or crocheting, but you can avoid having to rip out stitches under a few circumstances.

  • When stitch perfection doesn’t matter.

  • When no one will know you’ve made a mistake.

  • When you don’t want to take the time to redo work you’ve already completed.

Here are your options to ripping out your work:

  • Don’t do anything. If you can happily live with imperfections and the mistake doesn’t bother you, let it go and keep on knitting.

  • When the mistake is a simple added stitch (or two), decrease the same number of stitches in the row you’re currently working. This is a good alternative when having the extra stitch messes up the pattern and working around it in each row is a hassle.

If the thought of ripping out your knitting is making you a little sick to your stomach, take a minute to laugh at some knitting shorthand that online knitters use to refer to ripping out their work: frog (or frogging) and tink. Tink is knit spelled backwards, indicating you’re doing the opposite of knitting. And frogging? Because you need to rip it, rip it!