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Getting to Know the Kindle Fire HDX Interface

By Nancy C. Muir

The interface you see on the Kindle Home screen (see the following figure) is made up of four items. At the top is the Status bar, which includes indicators that tell you:

  • The name of your Kindle Fire

  • The time

  • Whether you’re in Airplane mode or connected to a network

  • Remaining battery life

Next, you see a set of buttons that take you to the Kindle Fire HD libraries that contain various types of content such as Books, Videos, Games, Apps, and Audiobooks. This row also contains a button to shop at the Amazon Store, open the Silk browser by tapping Web, view Photos or Docs, and look at special offers.

In the middle of the screen is the Carousel. The Carousel contains images of items you recently used that you can flick with your finger to scroll through and tap any item to open it. The item on top is the most recently viewed item, and others are shown in the chronological order in which you last used them. When you scroll and display an item, Amazon’s recommendations for similar content is displayed in thumbnails underneath (except for Docs).

Finally, underneath the item on the Carousel that is front and center is a listing of recommendations for similar items based on your buying habits.

This graphical interface is fun to move around with the flick of a finger.

This graphical interface is fun to move around with the flick of a finger.