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Astral Budget and Cube Calculator Apps for Kindle Fire

If money is tight, you might have need for apps that help you budget and calculate your expenses. Astral Budget is a Kindle Fire app available for free from Astral Web, Inc., and Cube Calculator is available for free from IP.

Astral Budget for the Kindle Fire

If you’re like many, these days, you’re tightening your belt and counting those pennies. Astral Budget is an app that helps you keep track of all your expenses, whether for a single trip or your yearly household budget. You can use built-in categories for fixed spending such as rent, food, travel, utilities, and so on to categorize your expenses.

The app has four sections: Goals, Expenses, Reports, and Export. Using these, you can enter the amounts you want to spend and track them against actual expenditures. You can use the wide variety of Reports in Astral Budget to examine your spending trends and even export data to your computer to examine with the more-robust application Excel.

Use handy charts to visualize your spending practices.

Use handy charts to visualize your spending practices.

Cube Calculator for the Kindle Fire

It’s a good idea to add a calculator to Kindle Fire, if only to figure out tips and expenses, right? Cube Calculator is an app with tons of bells and whistles, from the ability to use mathematical expressions and time calculations to logarithmic and trigonometric functions. There’s a secondary keyboard for additional functions, such as cosines.

The secondary keyboard offers even more functions.

The secondary keyboard offers even more functions.

Even if you’re not a power math user, the very nice interface in this app makes casual calculations simple to do. Also, the help system for this app is actually helpful.

You can choose a theme such as Light or Dark to ease your eyestrain as you calculate. You can also control the maximum number of digits to be returned in a result (after all, who needs pi to go on ad infinitum?).