For Seniors: Share Videos and Add to Video Favorites on iPhone 4S

To share a video or add it to Video Favorites on your iPhone 4S, first find a video you want to share in a category such as Favorites or Features.

To share the video, do the following:

  1. Tap the arrow to the right of the video.

  2. In the information screen, tap the Share Video button. Tap either Mail Link to This Video or Tweet.


  3. In the e-mail form, enter a recipient in the To field and add to the message, if you like. If you chose to post a tweet, enter your message in the Tweet form.


  4. 4.Tap the Send button to send someone a link to the video or post your tweet.

To add the video to Video Favorites, do the following:

  1. Locate a video in a category such as Favorites or Featured and tap the button to the right of the video.

  2. Tap the Add to Favorites button. The video has been added to your Favorites.

  3. To view your favorite movies, tap the Favorites button at the bottom of the YouTube screen. Your favorite videos are displayed.

To delete a favorite while you’re on the Favorites screen, tap the Edit button. Delete buttons appear on each movie. Tap the movie-specific Delete button to remove that movie. Tap the Done button to leave Editing mode.