For Seniors: Search the Web and Send E-mail with iPhone 4S Siri

Siri on your iPhone 4S responds to general requests for information by searching the web. You also can use Siri to create an e-mail or an instant message.

For example, if you speak a phrase, such as “Find a website about birds.” or “Find information about the World Series,” Siri can respond in a couple of ways.

The app can simply display a list of search results using the default search engine specified in your settings for Safari or suggesting, “If you like, I can search the web for such-and-such.” In the first instance, just tap a result to go to that website. In the second instance, you can confirm that you want to search the web or cancel.

You can create an e-mail or an instant message using Siri. For example, if you say, “E-mail Jack Wilkes.”, a form opens already addressed to that contact. Siri asks you what to say; speak your message and then say, “Send.” to speed your message on its way.

Siri also works with the iMessage feature. If you have the Messages app open and you say, “Tell Sarah I’ll call soon.”, Siri creates a message for you to approve and send.

At this point in time, Siri can’t tweet. But if you try, she apologizes for the inconvenience!