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How to Connect Headphones and Portable Speakers to Your iPod

By Tony Bove, Cheryl Rhodes

Your iPod was designed to be used with headphones. However, for room-filling sound, try connecting your iPod to a portable speaker system. The speaker systems must be self-powered or be able to work with very little power (like headphones) and allow audio to be input via a 3.5mm, stereo mini-plug connection.

The iPod includes a small amplifier powerful enough to deliver audio through the headphone/line-out connection. All current models, including the iPod shuffle, have a frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hz (hertz), which provides distortion-free music at the lowest or highest pitches.

Portable speaker systems, such as the iBoom from DLO and the Bose iPod Speaker Dock, provide a dock connection for playing audio. For a portable stereo system that offers big sound on a rechargeable battery and is perfect for environments like the beach or a boat, check out the i-Fusion from Sonic Impact. (See the following figure.) It includes universal adapters for all dockable iPod models and an audio input connection for connecting your computer or an audio player. The double-duty case is a durable cover that acts as a speaker cabinet to give the speakers better bass response.

Let the i-Fusion from Sonic Impact provide a dock and speakers for the road.

Let the i-Fusion from Sonic Impact provide a dock and speakers for the road.