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How to Use Accelerators in Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7

By Woody Leonhard

Internet Explorer 8 introduces a new feature called Accelerators in Windows 7. You can use Accelerators in Internet Explorer 8 to take data from a Web page and run with it using a series of right-click menu options that bypass the traditional process of copying data, pasting it in a search engine and then finding the new page process.

For example, you can highlight an address on a Web page, right-click it, and choose Map with Live Search. With very little effort, you’ll soon see a map of the location, complete with offers for driving instructions and traffic reports.

Rather than copy and paste an address into, say, Google Earth, in IE 8 you can simply highlight an

Rather than copy and paste an address into, say, Google Earth, in IE 8 you can simply highlight an address, right-click it, and look it up in Live Search Maps.

The number of Accelerators that are available is growing exponentially. You can use Accelerators to do all of the following:

  • Translate languages: Highlight a phrase and choose either Live Search Translator or Google Translate to generate a translation of the phrase. You can switch From and To languages by clicking a link.


  • Lookup reference material: Read dictionaries, Wikipedia, and other references (such as music and movie site lookups).

  • Read the news: Highlight a word and search for it in news and sports headlines.

  • Experiment with torrents and file sharing services, videos (such as YouTube), and live TV.

  • Shop at sites such as eBay and Newegg.

  • Study your financial information, currency converters, stocks, and charts.

If you aren’t yet using Accelerators, give them a try: they’re positively addictive. To work with Accelerators, choose Page→All Accelerators→Manage Accelerators. Want more options? Click Find More Accelerators.