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Direct Customers to Your Product Using Glympse

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

Glympse is a niche player in the location-based marketing space with a unique offering. With Glympse, you can send an e-mail or text message with a link to your specific location. The recipient(s) can follow you as you move for as long or short a period as you would like. The people to whom you’re sending your location don’t need to be on Glympse.

When a person gives her friend or colleague a Glympse, she can often determine her desired destination. Imagine being privy to knowing exactly where your friend is and what route she’s taking to her destination. Imagine being late to a meeting and being able to send one text to let your colleagues see when you will be arriving.

From a business owner’s perspective, it could be a great customer service tool. Think of being able to send directions to someone who is en route to your store, even providing a beacon to your exact location within the venue if it’s a big-box retail store. Or imagine being able to direct someone to your booth at a trade show if the showroom floor layout is less than clear.

Here’s how this app works. One user initiates the Glympse by opening the application and the Send Glympse screen, addressing it using the contacts information stored on her smartphone, and selecting a destination, expected arrival time, and any additional comments.

The recipient, who doesn’t need to have the app installed, receives those details in a text message and can track the sender’s progress. When the selected duration ends and/or the initiator arrives at her destination, tracking information is no longer available.

Sylvia can send a Glympse to any contact and that person knows her exact location for the specified

Sylvia can send a Glympse to any contact and that person knows her exact location for the specified amount of time.