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When to Brand Your Business

When should you brand your business or a product your business offers? Businesses launch or polish brands in a number of circumstances. Create a brand related to your business when you

  • Open a new business. When you open a business, be ready to project your brand image from the first second that you throw open the company doors, hook up the phone lines, or launch your Web site.

  • Introduce a new product. When you introduce a new product, you have to decide whether the product you’re introducing will enter the market under your business brand or as its own brand, with or without a visible link to your business brand.

  • Fundraise for a nonprofit. Successful fundraising campaigns operate under the auspices of well-known, well-regarded, well-branded organizations.

    Before your organization launches a fundraising campaign, establish credibility and trust by first building a brand image for your organization that prospective donors know and believe in.

  • Take your business public. Investors direct dollars into businesses that they trust to be well-led, innovative, successful, and capable of rising to even higher levels of growth and profitability.

  • Go global. Some businesses want to sell in international markets. Others want to establish themselves as global companies with operating presences in a range of countries.

  • Raise venture capital. Venture capitalists are investors who look to invest in companies with strong leadership, strong business concepts, and strong positions in growing market arenas.

  • Merge with another business. Businesses merge, but there’s really no such thing as a brand merger. Combining Brand A with Brand B doesn’t result in Brand A+B. It either results in a retooled version of Brand A, a retooled version of Brand B, or an all-new Brand C.

    Dedicate extra time, effort, and dollars to gain complete understanding and buy-in from the staffs of both organizations before you take the retooled brand or the new brand public.