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Building a Farm in Minecraft

Though farming is not a required task in Minecraft, having a reliable source of renewable resources is useful. Many different items (plants, mostly) can be farmed in Minecraft. [more…]

How Hunger Affects Your Minecraft Character

Hunger is a dangerous long-term obstacle in the game of Minecraft — and you'll have to overcome this obstacle as efficiently as possible. As depicted by the Hunger bar at the bottom of the screen, you [more…]

Types of Plants You Can Farm in Minecraft

You can farm a variety of plants in Minecraft, some of which provide food, some that you can trade or sell to make profit, and some that you can use to make important utensils. [more…]

Mining Efficiently in Minecraft

In the game Minecraft, mining is an incredibly useful practice that gives you a fast (though challenging) means of obtaining strong minerals such as iron, redstone, and diamond. You can mine in a number [more…]

Engineering with Redstone in Minecraft

Redstone is one of the more advanced concepts in Minecraft. You can obtain redstone dust by mining redstone ore underground. You can spread this dust across the ground as wire, attach it to levers or doors [more…]


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