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Kindle Fire Quick Settings

In this fast-paced day and age, quick is the name of the game for most, so Amazon has provided you with Quick Settings to streamline your Kindle Fire settings experience. [more…]

Kindle Fire Basic Features

Kindle Fire is one spiffy little device with all the things most people want from a tablet packed into an easy-to-hold package: e-mail, web browsing, players for video and music content, an e-reader, a [more…]

How to Access Content for Kindle Fire

If you’ve ever owned a Kindle e-reader, you know that downloading content to it has always been seamless. Kindle Fire enjoys the same kind of easy download capability via Amazon’s Whispersync technology [more…]

Browse with Amazon Silk on the Kindle Fire

Silk is Amazon’s new browser, which provides faster web page display on your Kindle Fire. Silk is simple to use, but the real benefits of Amazon Silk are all about browsing performance. Amazon Silk is [more…]

Take Advantage of Free Cloud Storage for the Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire has 8GB of internal storage, versus 16, 32, or 64GB on the various iPad models, but there’s a reason for that. Amazon provides free storage for all your Amazon-purchased content in the [more…]

Kindle Fire Display Offers World of Color

The display on Kindle Fire offers 16 million colors. The high-resolution screen makes for very crisp colors when you’re watching that hit movie or reading a colorful magazine. [more…]

The Value of Amazon Prime for Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire comes with one free month of Amazon Prime. This service is one of the best deals out there. During your free month, Prime will allow you to get a lot of perks, such as free two-day shipping [more…]

How to Turn Kindle Fire On and Off

After you get the Kindle Fire tablet out of its packaging, it’s time to turn it on. The Kindle Fire sports a Power button on the bottom of the device when you hold it in portrait orientation. Next to the [more…]

Get to Know the Kindle Fire Touchscreen

Before you work through the setup screens for your Kindle Fire, it will help if you to get to know the basics of navigating the touchscreen — especially if you’ve never used a touchscreen before: [more…]

How to Set Up Your Kindle Fire

When you turn Kindle Fire on for the first time, you see a series of screens that help you set up and register the device. The first screen is titled Welcome to Kindle Fire. This is the point in the setup [more…]

How to Access Kindle Fire Libraries

Kindle Fire libraries are where you access downloaded content, as well as content stored by Amazon in the Cloud. Libraries (with the exception of the Docs library) also offer a Store button that you can [more…]

How to Use the Kindle Fire Carousel

You may have fond memories of riding a carousel at the fair as a kid. The Kindle Fire Carousel may not bring the same thrill, but it does have its charms as you swipe through it to see a revolving display [more…]

How to Organize Your Kindle Fire Favorites

When you’re on a roll using Kindle Fire for accessing all kinds of content, the Carousel can get a bit crowded. You may have to swipe five or six times to find what you need. That’s where Favorites comes [more…]

Kindle Fire Status Bar

The Status bar runs across the top of every Kindle Fire screen, just like the Status bar on your mobile phone. This bar provides information about your battery charge and running apps, but it also provides [more…]

Use a Micro-B Cable to Transfer Data to Your Kindle Fire

It’s easy to purchase or rent content from Amazon, which you can choose to download directly to your Kindle Fire or stream from Amazon Cloud. However, you may want to get content from other places, such [more…]

Kindle Fire Help & Feedback

Now and then, everyone needs a bit of help, and when you’re first using a new device such as Kindle Fire, you should know where to find that help. When you tap Customer Feedback & Support from Settings [more…]

Kindle Fire My Account Option

Kindle Fire does much of what it does by accessing your Amazon account. You need to have an Amazon account to shop, access the Amazon Cloud library online, and register your Kindle Fire, for example. [more…]

How to Secure Your Kindle Fire

The first thing you can do to keep your Kindle Fire secure is to never let it out of your hands. But because you can’t control everything and sometimes things get lost or stolen, it’s a good idea to assign [more…]

How to Work with Kindle Fire Applications

Apps can help you do everything from manage e-mail to play games. Managing the way apps work on your Kindle Fire is done through the Applications settings. [more…]

How to Adjust Date and Time on Your Kindle Fire

You chose a Time Zone setting when you first set up your Kindle Fire. Your Kindle Fire uses the date and time setting to display the time in the Status bar, and also to work with other apps, such as a [more…]

How to Check Out Kindle Fire Device Settings

You can check your Kindle Fire device settings to find out facts such as the remaining storage space available or your device’s serial number. This is also where you can reset your Kindle Fire to the state [more…]

Explore the World of Kindle Fire Apps

You can buy apps for your Kindle Fire by using the Amazon Appstore. This store is full of apps written especially for devices that are based on the Android platform, including Kindle Fire. [more…]

How to Search for Kindle Fire Apps

You can have fun browsing through categories of apps for your new Kindle Fire, but if you know which app you want to buy, using the search feature can take you right to it. [more…]

How to Buy Kindle Fire Apps

You might find an app for your Kindle Fire that you want to own by browsing or searching, but however you find it, when you’re ready to buy, you can follow these steps: [more…]

Buy Publications through Newsstand for Kindle Fire

There’s a world of periodicals out there, from magazines to newspapers, just waiting for you to explore them. Kindle Fire’s color display makes browsing through color magazines especially appealing. [more…]

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